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The Working Well Together 5 Year Plan Comes To A Close

Working Well Together has accomplished a tremendous amount over the years, and the program has gained attention due to the positive impact it has had in the lives of many. Now, with the end of the 2009-2014 5 year plan approaching quickly – June 30th being the official final day of the plan – it is time to not only look back on what the Working Well Together initiative has accomplished, but also on what the future holds for those involved and those who are impacted by it.

Mental Illness As A Parent

For many parents, their children are their lives. They'll do anything to keep them safe and protect them. However, the unfortunate truth is that when mental illness grips someone, it also becomes their lives – often without them even realizing it. When serious mental illness occurs – from schizophrenia to depression to bipolar disorder and beyond – it can sometimes put a child at risk. However, this doesn't mean that a parent will lose their child forever.

School Based Mental Health Task Force Approved On May 22nd

The Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission, also called the MHSOAC, was held in March and featured a round table discussion focused on improving the level of care provided to students with mental health related issues. Titled "Breaking the Fail First Cycle-Primary Grades Kindergarten Through Third", this discussion was highlighted by Chair Van Horn's request that commissioners consider the roles of commission in terms of overall mental health education collaboration over the coming years. In particular, it was requested that Commissioner Gordon hold a meeting with the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson, in order to talk about what kind of roll MHSOAC could play in education.

'Bleak Picture" For Mentally Ill: 80% are jobless

Eighty percent of people with mental illness are unemployed, a statistic that says more about the lack of support for this group of people than it does about the economy, according to a new study.

Aging With Schizophrenia

Growing old has a number of effects on our bodies and minds. Wrinkles, aches and pains, fatigue, and other similar physical issues occur and our memories and cognitive capabilities begin to diminish in many instances. Along with these things, depression, withdrawal from society, and other similar emotional problems can intensify. It's hard enough to cope with these problems, but if mental illness is present as well, they can be even more difficult. Those with schizophrenia in particular will face numerous challenges as they age.