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Breaking Away From Food As A Comfort Source

Mental health issues can cause a great deal of stress, and for many, food can be the easiest source of comfort. The problem with seeking comfort in food is that this is never a once and done method, and it’s easy to get your body into a habit where stress equals unhealthy food cravings. At NAMI, we know how dangerous it can be to get into the comfort food cycle, and we want to help you to break this habit in an effort to lead a healthier and happier life.

Using Twitter To Track The State Of Mental Health

Twitter can be used to track all kinds of trends, from a “who wore it best?” during awards season, to hot button topics all across the political spectrum, but what many don’t realize is the sheer amount of just what this social media platform is able to do in regards to mental health. During the course of any given day, over 500,000,000 new tweets are composed from around the globe, tweets sharing all types of personal information, and Johns Hopkins University have found a way to use Twitter trends to help track both physical and mental health.

What You Need To Know About Health Insurance And Mental Health

For those with mental illnesses, health insurance problems can create a big headache. Will your treatment be covered? Just how much is covered? What will happen if something changes? Luckily the ACA, or the Affordable Care Act, has done a great deal of good for those with mental illnesses, as it helped to create a mental health insurance coverage expansion larger than any we’ve seen before, and this can make things much easier for those looking to treat their own illnesses without excess worry.

Mental Illness And The Challenges Of Quitting Smoking

Along with weight loss and other related health goals, one of the biggest resolutions that many take on during the new year is quitting smoking, and we at NAMI have found that this is a goal that is made more difficult for those suffering from mental illnesses. Those with anxiety will often turn to nicotine in an effort to help them to calm down and save them from a negative mood, but what they don’t realize is that smoking or otherwise ingesting the chemical can actually make things worse. Anxiety sufferers aren’t the only ones who turn to smoking for some type of comfort or assistance, and those with any type of mental illness will find that smoking will often be more difficult to quit than it may be for those who do not have any type of mental condition.

The Science Of Depression

There are over 350 million people who are affected on any given day by depression across the world, making it no wonder why this is a condition that is treated as a very serious medical illness. Unfortunately, depression is also one of the most difficult mental illnesses to treat, and this creates a tough situation for all of those afflicted with the condition. There is no blanket cure or treatment for depression, and what may work beautifully for one individual could be useless for the next, so it’s important that science begins taking a good look at the big picture when it comes to fighting this disease.