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Online Technology Now Helping Suicidal Vets

Technology has changed so much over the years that it's hard to list all of those changes in one place. While it's had an impact on how people work, play, and communicate, it's also something that has had a direct influence on the lives of many in need. For veterans suffering from anxiety and depression, online intervention has become one of the single most important tools used today.

Helping Your Child Be More Mentally Tough

As a parent, your job is to help guide and protect your child. Your instinct is to protect them from the bad in the world and ensure that they reach adulthood ready to live productive, happy lives. But there is an increasing issue being noted by many developmental experts – overprotectiveness leading to children who aren't mentally tough. Children have to learn how to accept the ups as well as the downs that life can throw at them and move on – learning and growing from the bad as well as the good. Parents who shield their children from all of the negatives in life could find that their children aren't as mentally tough as they should be.

The Importance Of Mentally Ill Friends For The Mentally Ill

Sometimes, that old saying "it takes one to know one" takes on a whole new meaning. When it comes to the mentally ill, it can seem at first like a derogatory statement but in reality there are many, many benefits that are enjoyed when the mentally ill actually have mentally ill friends. Here at NAMI, we think it's one of the most important aspects of successfully living with a mental illness and that it deserves more attention.

A Different Kind Of War

For decades, the wars America has been involved in have been front page news. Whether it's Afghanistan, Vietnam, or even the War on Drugs, our nation's battles get plenty of press. But there's another war that is almost invisible – one that claims plenty of victims but that doesn't get the kind of attention it truly deserves. Our nation's soldiers are regularly confronted with depression and other mental illnesses, and many of them don't even know where to begin combating this issue.

Depression Screening And Early Help

At NAMI, we know that getting screened for common health concerns like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, or other conditions is pretty commonplace among people in the United States, but what we’d like to bring awareness to is getting screened for your mental health as well. While physical health plays a major role in our lives, our mental health does as well, and depression screenings may help to give individuals a way to treat their condition early for a better and more successful outcome. The early signs of depression may be difficult to see for the untrained eye, but these will often be identifiable with questionnaires given by health professionals.